Not all relationships thrive as we would wish to. There are many questions behind that; maybe the relationship is at a standstill, or there’s a third person involved, or the love simply ends.
In many cases, it’s very difficult to overcome this situation and it takes a lot of time to forget your ex-partner. The reason is because you have shared great and unforgettable moments and you have invested your time, future and love to make it work. Sometimes forgetting represents a chasm and emptiness that we do not want to face.
Love hurts
There are relationships that can’t work at all and sometimes as we get very comfortable; we do not remedy it or we are content with a little comfort without questioning the perception of reality.
The path by overcoming the split up is: negation, being afraid, pain and sadness as a first step; acceptance and recognition as a second step and the final step is the reconstruction of your life.
The loss of a loved one involves grieving; a similar situation when someone close to you dies.  The best solution is to have a close friend, family or professional to tell them how you feel in each moment.
Can your ex-partner become your friend? Of course, but it takes time. When you split up, the first thing you have to do is to break with the other person; you can’t behave as if nothing happened. To break up is get used to being alone and to enjoy your individuality again. 
Love, what a nice feeling as butterflies moving through your body. Waking up with your love at your side, living the life with optimism, giving off happiness in every corner of the world you go. Who has not felt that sensation?

Have you told your partner that you love him/her today? Do not leave it for another day. It is wonderful when a person says to you, I love you. That is the moment when you feel truly loved.

I do not understand why some people do not show their feelings. I think the whole world will carry on more united; we would not pay so much attention to our problems and we would happier.

I know there is a day dedicated to the lovers, but this is not enough because everyday has to be a lover day. Demonstrate how much you feel in love with your partner…call him/her now!!