Valentines day - a day to show the person you love how much they mean to you.
Sometimes people find it hard to draw inspiration on how to do this, and find themselves doing similar things each year, or not putting much effort in because they feel it will take too much time/be too expensive.

If you're looking for inspiration, then look no further. Here are some unique ways which you can make valentines day extra special, for the special person in your life.

Take them out for dinner
Although this probably seems quite obvious, taking your partner out for a meal can be romantic, heart-felt and special, if done properly. If you went out for dinner on your first date, how about taking them back here to relive the important moment. Women like nothing better then to get dressed up and be taken out for a nice meal. An alternative to this, if you are strapped for cash, is to cook for them yourselves. Make their favorite meal, set out candles and flowers, and play some soft music in the background. Guaranteed to make the love in your life feel as special as you feel they are.

Thinking outside the box

You don't have to go out, or spend lots of money to make the person you love feel special on valentines day.
Instead of taking them out for expensive meals or buying them gifts, why not do something more symbolic and heartfelt, such as writing them a poem, or making them a song. This is personal, so the details are down to you, but just think of different ways that you can express your feelings for them. This will go a long way, and be greatly appreciated by your partner, as they will be able to see that you have tried hard, and put in a lot of effort to make it more meaningful.

If you are both into sports and physical activity, why not do something like that, which you know you will both enjoy. Other alternatives for non-traditional valentines dates could include going ice skating, going to see a concert, going to an art gallery. It is all about what the both of you enjoy doing, and trying to tailor this to schedule, budget and availability. 

Go for a walk
Why not go for a hike in some romantic scenery, and pack a picnic to take with you. Obviously weather permitting, but this would be a nice idea, as it would show that you have taken a lot of time trying to think of what you can do.
Other idea's
Why not treat you both to a full body massage, or some spa treatments?
Or even go and catch a show on concert? It's all about what you enjoy doing, and making the time that you spend together on this day exceptional. Be creative, caring and thoughtful, and you are sure to give the special person in your life, a wonderful valentines day to remember.
In today’s busy and hectic world not many of us have the time or the confidence to get dressed up for the night and go in search of a date.

Thanks to the World Wide Web we now have an excellent solution. Online dating communities like the eHarmony dating site offer an affordable, easy to use and friendly place to meet likeminded singles. But before you get started, here are 5 tips for guaranteeing a successful and safe dating experience on the Internet.


When you register, create a profile and begin chatting to people for the first time, chances are you’ll feel a little anxious. But don’t let the nerves get the best of you as everyone else is in exactly the same boat. Try to enjoy yourself, go with an open mind and just see what happens. It's worth having a look at social media pages for dating websites, like the eHarmony AU Facebook page. Here you can connect with other singles in a relaxed way.

Don’t give up

There are millions of single people looking for love. You may find that daunting, but at the same time it ensures that there is somebody out there for everyone. If your first date or even your first few don’t go as well as expected, don’t give up. Stick at it because Mr or Mrs Right might be just around the corner.
Be honest

Many people feel the need to lie or embellish the truth when writing their profiles, but there is really no need. To make the experience worthwhile you need to establish trust. If you want a meaningful and genuine relationship then you want your partner to love you for who you really are – not who you say you are on your profile.

Get a friend to help out

In life it’s always best to have a second opinion – and that’s no different with online dating. It can be a fun experience to get together with your friends, pick the perfect photograph or start writing your profile.

Take your time

Dating websites have come a long way in the past five years. Many sites now take a more detailed approach to creating perfect matches, such as eHarmony, which is one of the better free dating sites online today.

So when you find someone who catches your eye, make sure you take the time to get to know them properly. That way, when you do finally organise that all-important first date, you’ll go there knowing that the person is interesting and easy to talk to.
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Not all relationships thrive as we would wish to. There are many questions behind that; maybe the relationship is at a standstill, or there’s a third person involved, or the love simply ends.
In many cases, it’s very difficult to overcome this situation and it takes a lot of time to forget your ex-partner. The reason is because you have shared great and unforgettable moments and you have invested your time, future and love to make it work. Sometimes forgetting represents a chasm and emptiness that we do not want to face.
Love hurts
There are relationships that can’t work at all and sometimes as we get very comfortable; we do not remedy it or we are content with a little comfort without questioning the perception of reality.
The path by overcoming the split up is: negation, being afraid, pain and sadness as a first step; acceptance and recognition as a second step and the final step is the reconstruction of your life.
The loss of a loved one involves grieving; a similar situation when someone close to you dies.  The best solution is to have a close friend, family or professional to tell them how you feel in each moment.
Can your ex-partner become your friend? Of course, but it takes time. When you split up, the first thing you have to do is to break with the other person; you can’t behave as if nothing happened. To break up is get used to being alone and to enjoy your individuality again. 
Once more, the summer has been and gone, and the days are getting shorter in a slow march to the winter. If the summer is often the season when love stories start or when lovers spent some time out in parks, autumn is certainly one of the most romantic season. The temperatures are still warm enough to spend some time outside and the nature's changing colours make for a great décor. The earlier evenings are also a perfect setting for cosy candlelight dinners.

Nature Walks

After the long months of lazy afternoons in the park, the autumn is the time to go for walks in the forest or in the countryside. It is the opportunity to spend some quality time together away from the agitation of the city, surrounded by a changing nature (get ideas of walks here). A walk can be followed by a hot cup of tea or cocoa when the weather starts getting colder.

Nights by the Fire

The autumn evenings can feel quite cold compared to the hot summer ones, especially if you have been spending time abroad. You can turn this into a romantic time by going away for the week-end somewhere with a fireplace and have dinner and drinks by the fire. Nothing says romance more than a cosy autumnal evening, so beat the September blues with some special time with the one you love.
Are you in for a little romance this weekend but not quite sure what to watch? Fear not, here are a few of the best romantic movies of 2012. Just cuddle up on the couch with a tub of ice cream or even better, spread out a picnic blanket in your garden and cuddle up with a box of popcorn. Only when the weather permits it, of course.

The Lucky One

The American Marine, Logan, portrayed by Zac Efron finds a photograph of a young woman during his mission in Iraq.  He keeps the photograph with him during his employment in the war stricken country and considers the photograph his lucky charm. When he returns to America, after the war, he descends on a journey to find the lady in the picture.  The movie is based on a novel by Nicolas Sparks, the same author who wrote The Notebook and Dear John and is therefore one to watch even if you’re not an Efron fan.

Around June

June (Samaire Armstrong) leads a quiet life in the suburbs of San Francisco. When she meets the exciting Juan Diego she re-discovers her life and finds the courage to changes it. She has lived alongside her father who physically abuses her.  Through the unconditional love of Juan she finally learns how to stand up for herself and she breaks free from a life that has been constraining her. Around June is a delicious romantic comedy that will warm your heart.

The Five Year Engagement

The perfect combination of Emily Blunt and Jason Segel as an engaged couple make this movie. You will laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters. The five year engagement is an enjoyable movie filled with recognisable and mostly hilarious events.

What to Expect When You're Expecting

This terrific movie is a romantic comedy about five different couples who are expecting a baby. Throughout the story you follow the trials and tribulations of the cast who are funny and endearing. Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez will surly make you laugh until you cry.

De Rouille et d'os

The movie is set in the beautiful Cote d’Azur and is full of action, drama and romance. The two lives of people who couldn’t be any more different from each other come together in an absurd yet very believable way. The film is the master piece of Jacques Audrillard and has been rightfully nominated for several award ceremonies.
Cote d'Azur, France

The Vow

Paige (Rachel McAdams) suffers from memory loss after a serious accident. She hardly remembers her past and the love of her life Leo (Channing Tatum). Leo is trying everything to trigger Paige’s memory. But when Paige’s ex-boyfriend turns up his struggle gets even harder.
In recent years British seaside towns have seen a resurgence of interest from visitors, as they reinvent themselves and re-discover their mojo. With high-quality local dining, five star accommodation, and dramatic settings they are bursting with history and romance.     


Few places can symbolise the re-emergence of the UK seaside town better than Whitstable in northeast Kent. The town is part of the city of Canterbury, with long historical and literary connections. For lovers of lesbian romance it was the home town of narrator Nancy in Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet.  

For red-blooded romantics looking for aphrodisiac inspiration, Whitstable is home to the Whitstable Oyster Festival, a modern annual event that re-creating ancient traditions honouring the town’s unique oyster harvest. The festival includes a symbolic landing and blessing of the oyster catch and fishing fleet, followed by a lively procession through the town, dancing, eating, and merrymaking.


Apart from the fact that it is the millennium city of Brighton & Hove, Brighton is arguably unique among UK seaside towns in that it has never really lost its position as a naughty but nice destination of choice for those in the know.

Its reputation stems from the time of the British regency in the 1700s when the young Prince Regent, keen to escape much of the pomp of a stifling royal court, established a holiday home in the town decorated in the romantic tradition of the East.

The Brighton Pavilion still stands today, welcoming visitors and giving them a romantic taste of decadent high life. Click here for Brighton hotel deals.


If you prefer your romance tinged with a little melancholy then Southport on Merseyside is the classic 1980s ‘seaside town that they forgot to close down’ about which Morrissey sang Every Day is Like Sunday.

This seaside town, which by some quirk of tides and drifting sands is now about a mile away from the water, boasts a bleak, wind-swept pier stretching into the sand flats of the Irish Sea and the largest independent flower show in Europe, from where you can get your gladioli. 


If you thought Alexandria was a seaside city on the northern coast of Egypt then you would be wrong. Alexandria is a small resort town on the Western coast of Scotland. Admittedly, it is just a few miles inland along the estuary of the river Barton, but in arguably the most romantic stretch of the country, where the coastline is laced with bonny lochs, who is arguing?    


Take your pick of romantic destinations on the lush Welsh coast, but Aberystwyth wins its place here for it combination of remote countryside and cliff-top walks and its proud position at the heart of Welsh culture. The city is home to the National Library of Wales, or Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, to put it properly.


Whitstable Oyster Festival -  The town’s romantic tradition revived.

The Smiths - Old romantics from the 1980s.

The National Library of Wales - Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru.

Love, what a nice feeling as butterflies moving through your body. Waking up with your love at your side, living the life with optimism, giving off happiness in every corner of the world you go. Who has not felt that sensation?

Have you told your partner that you love him/her today? Do not leave it for another day. It is wonderful when a person says to you, I love you. That is the moment when you feel truly loved.

I do not understand why some people do not show their feelings. I think the whole world will carry on more united; we would not pay so much attention to our problems and we would happier.

I know there is a day dedicated to the lovers, but this is not enough because everyday has to be a lover day. Demonstrate how much you feel in love with your partner…call him/her now!!