Once more, the summer has been and gone, and the days are getting shorter in a slow march to the winter. If the summer is often the season when love stories start or when lovers spent some time out in parks, autumn is certainly one of the most romantic season. The temperatures are still warm enough to spend some time outside and the nature's changing colours make for a great décor. The earlier evenings are also a perfect setting for cosy candlelight dinners.

Nature Walks

After the long months of lazy afternoons in the park, the autumn is the time to go for walks in the forest or in the countryside. It is the opportunity to spend some quality time together away from the agitation of the city, surrounded by a changing nature (get ideas of walks here). A walk can be followed by a hot cup of tea or cocoa when the weather starts getting colder.

Nights by the Fire

The autumn evenings can feel quite cold compared to the hot summer ones, especially if you have been spending time abroad. You can turn this into a romantic time by going away for the week-end somewhere with a fireplace and have dinner and drinks by the fire. Nothing says romance more than a cosy autumnal evening, so beat the September blues with some special time with the one you love.

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