Valentines day - a day to show the person you love how much they mean to you.
Sometimes people find it hard to draw inspiration on how to do this, and find themselves doing similar things each year, or not putting much effort in because they feel it will take too much time/be too expensive.

If you're looking for inspiration, then look no further. Here are some unique ways which you can make valentines day extra special, for the special person in your life.

Take them out for dinner
Although this probably seems quite obvious, taking your partner out for a meal can be romantic, heart-felt and special, if done properly. If you went out for dinner on your first date, how about taking them back here to relive the important moment. Women like nothing better then to get dressed up and be taken out for a nice meal. An alternative to this, if you are strapped for cash, is to cook for them yourselves. Make their favorite meal, set out candles and flowers, and play some soft music in the background. Guaranteed to make the love in your life feel as special as you feel they are.

Thinking outside the box

You don't have to go out, or spend lots of money to make the person you love feel special on valentines day.
Instead of taking them out for expensive meals or buying them gifts, why not do something more symbolic and heartfelt, such as writing them a poem, or making them a song. This is personal, so the details are down to you, but just think of different ways that you can express your feelings for them. This will go a long way, and be greatly appreciated by your partner, as they will be able to see that you have tried hard, and put in a lot of effort to make it more meaningful.

If you are both into sports and physical activity, why not do something like that, which you know you will both enjoy. Other alternatives for non-traditional valentines dates could include going ice skating, going to see a concert, going to an art gallery. It is all about what the both of you enjoy doing, and trying to tailor this to schedule, budget and availability. 

Go for a walk
Why not go for a hike in some romantic scenery, and pack a picnic to take with you. Obviously weather permitting, but this would be a nice idea, as it would show that you have taken a lot of time trying to think of what you can do.
Other idea's
Why not treat you both to a full body massage, or some spa treatments?
Or even go and catch a show on concert? It's all about what you enjoy doing, and making the time that you spend together on this day exceptional. Be creative, caring and thoughtful, and you are sure to give the special person in your life, a wonderful valentines day to remember.
The worst enemy of love is boredom and routine. When the novelty of a relationship is gone, this is where you have to work on it, because even if you love each other deeply, habits will come between you two. Especially if you live together or work together. Of course, making some efforts to spend some time together shouldn't be a chore or hard work, but sometimes it demands a bit of imagination.

Do something unexpected

Grand gestures are not always needed, and often it is the small details that are more important. Whether it is something spontaneous or carefully planned, the best gestures are the unexpected ones, those that will show your partner that you care for them. You don't have to look too far to do something nice and significant: if you are not really helping when it comes to housework, cleaning the house or put a washing on could be a great surprise for the other, especially after a hard day or week at work.
There are many things you can do to surprise the person you love and find again that spark of the beginning of your relationship. Surprise them with a dinner in their favourite restaurant, or one you both always wanted to go, take them away for an impromptu weekend, or simply cook them a dinner!
Do you struggle to let your loving side out? Being romantic isn’t easy for everyone; some people can feel shy and nervous when it comes to expressing their feeling towards somebody. That doesn’t mean that the romance isn’t there, it just means you struggle for a way to show it. Here are some ways you can release your inner romance.

Get them a Gift

Money can’t buy you love, but a small surprise every now and then will always put a smile on someone’s face. Think of things such as flowers (for the ladies) or small luxuries such as their favourite chocolates. Make it cut and wrap it up! This shows a little thought & effort has gone into it.

Take them on a Date

This can be an audacious task for many, as you may be stuck as to what kind of date you think work well. There are so many different things you can do for a successful romantic date and we’re entering a season that is perfect for it; have a look at these romantic date ideas for autumn if you need a little inspiration. If you want to do something quirky that you know your date will find hard to forget, you could try some of these more unconventional romantic date ideas – some are hilarious yet very cute!

Write a Love Letter

Some people find it much easier to express how they feel when writing it down on paper. If you feel at your most comfortable expressing yourself this way, then make the most of it. Write a draft so you’re confident in what you want to express and how you want to do so, and then make it look real pretty when writing it again. You can do this by decorating it; tie it in a ribbon or seal in an envelope with hot wax- the more authentic & vintage, the better. One thing you mustn’t do is type a letter; a hand written letter is far more romantic than an email..
Many people don’t think they’re romantic. The thing is, if you’ve ever enjoyed putting a smile on your partners face after you’ve done something, you’re a romantic. If you’ve ever sung a love song to yourself when it came on the radio, you’re a romantic. The difficulty for so many is when it comes to expressing that romance.

There’s so much love to give, it’s just about having the confidence to give it in the right way. Have fun, be cheeky and make them smile for all the right reasons.
The word 'romance,' according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.