Do you struggle to let your loving side out? Being romantic isn’t easy for everyone; some people can feel shy and nervous when it comes to expressing their feeling towards somebody. That doesn’t mean that the romance isn’t there, it just means you struggle for a way to show it. Here are some ways you can release your inner romance.

Get them a Gift

Money can’t buy you love, but a small surprise every now and then will always put a smile on someone’s face. Think of things such as flowers (for the ladies) or small luxuries such as their favourite chocolates. Make it cut and wrap it up! This shows a little thought & effort has gone into it.

Take them on a Date

This can be an audacious task for many, as you may be stuck as to what kind of date you think work well. There are so many different things you can do for a successful romantic date and we’re entering a season that is perfect for it; have a look at these romantic date ideas for autumn if you need a little inspiration. If you want to do something quirky that you know your date will find hard to forget, you could try some of these more unconventional romantic date ideas – some are hilarious yet very cute!

Write a Love Letter

Some people find it much easier to express how they feel when writing it down on paper. If you feel at your most comfortable expressing yourself this way, then make the most of it. Write a draft so you’re confident in what you want to express and how you want to do so, and then make it look real pretty when writing it again. You can do this by decorating it; tie it in a ribbon or seal in an envelope with hot wax- the more authentic & vintage, the better. One thing you mustn’t do is type a letter; a hand written letter is far more romantic than an email..
Many people don’t think they’re romantic. The thing is, if you’ve ever enjoyed putting a smile on your partners face after you’ve done something, you’re a romantic. If you’ve ever sung a love song to yourself when it came on the radio, you’re a romantic. The difficulty for so many is when it comes to expressing that romance.

There’s so much love to give, it’s just about having the confidence to give it in the right way. Have fun, be cheeky and make them smile for all the right reasons.
The word 'romance,' according to the dictionary, means excitement, adventure, and something extremely real. Romance should last a lifetime.

15/07/2013 1:14am

I wonder whether all the three are still there in romance! Dating and giving gifts is always there for ages but the fact is about love letter! Is it still active among lovers? I think no! Anyway thanks for sharing this with us!


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